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Firm App • Client Portal Application

Adaptable & Easy

Firm App is designed for flexibility. The software should fit your processes, not the other way around.

Modern Efficiency

Let Firm App route support tickets and send payment alerts. Use AI to automatically answer common questions.

Email & Phone Ticketing

Offer email & phone-based support for owners who prefer not to use the Firm App iPhone or Android apps.

Happy Stakeholders

Give land and royalty owners quick answers, a place to ask questions, and real-time payment info without lifting a finger.

iPhone/Android Apps, Phone System, Email Ticketing - All-in-One

Firm App streamlines operator-owner relations. It addresses the needs of both surface and royalty owners by providing self-service support, real-time payment alerts, and document exchange, and more. Firm App is not just a tool, it's a solution shaped around the real needs of energy operators and their many stakeholders.